05 July 2015
The Catch Up™ action plan (2010 - 2012)


This three year action plan sets out the strategic objectives and targets in the key areas of ‘Who we are going to help’ and ‘How we are going to support the work’ that I believe are fundamental to our continuing and sustainable development. It is based on our current position across these key areas, our revised mission statement, our understanding of Government led opportunities and national priorities, and the views expressed by the trustees at the Blue Skies planning day.

The plan seeks both to consolidate our existing work and to be ambitious in our growth (especially in light of potential funding opportunities) whilst ensuring throughout that everything we do is achievable and sustainable (in terms of our products, personnel and the financial underpinning).

This plan, however, must not be seen as a rigid blueprint, particularly within the current economic context. We have to recognise that our continuing growth means that we have to monitor and be prepared to review and amend the plan as new challenges and opportunities appear – to ensure that Catch Up is able to help as many struggling learners as possible in the years ahead.

Julie Lawes

The 'CATCH UP ACTION PLAN (2009 - 2012)' can be downloaded here:

Adobe PDF logoCATCH UP ACTION PLAN (2009 - 2012)


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