Catch Up® offers training and support to deliver our two proven interventions

Catch Up® is a not-for-profit charity working to address literacy and numeracy difficulties that contribute to underachievement. We offer two structured one-to-one interventions, Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy, proven to significantly improve the achievement of learners who find literacy or numeracy difficult.

Latest news

24 Jun - Catch Up® Early Years research project has a positive impact on younger learners in Literacy and Numeracy

Catch Up® has recently concluded a 3-year Early Years research project.

The Early Years Project has provided evidence that the intervention support using the Catch Up® Literacy and Numeracy training and resource packages, has a positive impact on the attainment and progress of these younger learners in literacy and numeracy.

18 Jun - Catch Up® Literacy and the Revised Reading Framework

Got your head round the Revised Reading Framework yet? (DfE 2023). The content is non-statutory but it’s got lots of practical advice about strategies for teaching reading. It’s an update of the 2021 version which mainly referred to Key Stage 1 and which focussed on 3 things:

  • developing pupils’ spoken language – a particular priority after the disruption of face-to-face teaching caused by Covid

  • the importance of reading aloud to pupils to immerse them in the language of books

  • endorsing the principle of teaching reading using Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP)