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Training and support

Catch Up® offers a complete training and support package for each intervention, centred on 3 half-day training sessions for the people who will deliver the intervention. This includes all of the guidance and supporting materials required for delivery, as well as training and resources for managing the intervention in your school.

Catch Up® training and support package

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Catch Up® costs £450 per trainee per intervention - one-off cost!

This is a one-off cost and includes everything in the training and support package:

  • 3 half-days Catch Up® Literacy or Catch Up® Numeracy training
  • Catch Up® Management Resources – Introducing, and Support and Monitoring
  • Catch Up® Literacy or Catch Up® Numeracy delivery resources
  • Catch Up® Review and Refresh sessions**
  • Catch Up® Coordinator network meetings**
  • Catch Up® Literacy or Catch Up® Numeracy accreditation fee
  • Catch Up® Progress Reporting Tool
  • Catch Up® Excellence Awards
All trainees also get lifetime support from the Catch Up®
Community, by phone, email and online.

**These additional sessions are organised on a wider geographical basis, so may not be available every term at every one of our Regional Training Centres.

*Bundle terms: One bundle, per intervention, per school, per booking. All trainees must attend the same course. Places subject to availability. Prices & codes valid for courses taking place before end of April 2019.

Please note: All Catch Up® materials are subject to copyright. Any adult who wishes to deliver Catch Up® Literacy or Numeracy must attend the three half-day Catch Up® training. It is not only illegal to carry out 'cascade' training but it has been found that the interventions are less effective if delivered by people who have not attended the training. Please see our copyright statement for full terms of use of all Catch Up® materials and resources.

Catch Up® Starter Bundle

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3 training places for only £1150*
A saving of £200

We find schools implementing the interventions are most successful if they have a minimum of three people trained – find out more

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Catch Up® Additional Trainee Bundle

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2 training places for only £750*

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