29 May 2015


What is Catch Up™ Literacy?
Catch Up™ Literacy is a structured one-to-one intervention for learners who find reading difficult. 

  • 15 minute individual session, twice a week
  • Addresses all aspects of the reading process: word recognition and language comprehension
  • Targeted to the needs of individual learners
  • Grounded in rigorous academic research
  • Available as part of an integrated training and resource package
  • Delivered by teachers, classroom assistants, carers and mentors who have attended training
  • Available in Welsh medium (Llythrennedd
    Dyfal Donc)

Over 500,000 learners have been helped with the
Catch Up™ interventions, and over 
18,000 adults trained to deliver them.     

Learners (aged 6-14) who received Catch Up™ Literacy support for an average of 7 months achieved an average Reading Age gain of about 19 months. Read our stories of success!

    From initial assessment of the learner's needs and selecting appropriate books, to delivering the intervention twice a week and ongoing monitoring. Read about how it works.

All of the guidance necessary to deliver
Catch Up™ Literacy is available as part of an integrated training and resource package.
Read about training and information sessions. 

Everyone who has been trained by Catch Up™ gets access to extra resources and additional support on our website and from the Catch Up™ Community. Read about support. 

Catch Up™ Literacy is suitable for...

Catch Up™ Literacy is suitable for:

  • Struggling readers whose Reading Age is significantly below their Chronological Age
  • Struggling readers who find it difficult to learn in group situations

Graph showing for whom Catch Up Literacy is suitable. Chronological Age. National Curriculum Levels. Reading Age.

As there isn’t an exact correlation between NC Level/Reading Age and suitability
for Catch Up™ Literacy, the shaded area has a graduated edge.

It is designed for learners who find reading difficult rather than learners beginning to learn to read.


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