Why Catch Up?

Catch Up works

"We are doing it because it makes a difference."

"We are a charity that has developed two interventions that we know make a real impact for struggling learners. We’ve found something that really works for children and we want to help educators get the maximum benefit from it. We know it works and other people tell us that it works. Learners achieve double the normal rate of progress (and frequently more) when on the interventions and research shows that seven years later, the gains are retained. We want to make a difference for as many learners as possible and make it as easy as possible for teachers and TAs to do the same. With Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy, we can do that – they’re realistic, practical, cost-effective, and they work!”

The Catch Up® Team

Why choose Catch Up®?

  • It works – based on rigorous research and proven to more than double rates of progress
  • It’s easy – two 15-minute sessions per week; full training and support to set up and embed
  • It’s cost-effective – one-off cost per trainee per intervention, unlimited learners
  • Children love it – “I actually go into the library and get books out – even on weekends!”