Excellence Awards

18th December 2013 - Catch Up® Excellence Awards: Mayals Primary School, Swansea - BRONZE award winner (Catch Up® Numeracy)

Organisation: Mayals Primary School
Intervention: Catch Up® Numeracy
Submitted by: Keely Saville

Mayals Primary is a mainstream primary school with 217 children on roll. We cater for children from different socio-economic backgrounds and children on the SEN register.

Our two Catch Up® Numeracy trained deliverers introduced it to all staff during an INSET day. Since then, selected Key Stage 2 children, identified by Basic Number Screening and NFER assessments, have received regular twice-weekly afternoon sessions. A further member of staff is soon to undergo training and will work with the children 4 mornings a week. A Catch Up® resource box has been put together to house all equipment needed.

Several children have completed Catch Up® Numeracy. We have recently introduced the phase 2 pilot materials to the Year 6 children as they had a lower maths age than chronological age, but had either completed Catch Up® or had competent skills in the subcomponents covered in Catch Up® phase 1.

Catch Up® Literacy has recently been introduced into the school, so we hope soon to apply for the Silver Award!

Case Study 1 - Catch Up® Numeracy
Pupil B was predicted a level 3 for her end of Key Stage results. She lacked confidence and was reluctant to attempt unfamiliar tasks. She started Catch Up® with a maths age of 6 years and 10 months, 43 months behind her chronological age.

She received Catch Up® over a period of 9 months, and her confidence and ability grew daily; she took great pride in colouring in each square on the tracker sheet in her Catch Up® booklet. She left year 6 with a National Curriculum Level 4 in maths and a maths age improved by 51 months; that’s a ratio gain of 4.82. She now tackles maths with confidence and enthusiasm.

Case Study 2 - Catch Up® Numeracy
Pupil C started Catch Up® with a maths age of 6 years 6 months. She received the intervention over a period of 9 months whilst she was in year 5. Now in year 6, she is able to tackle problems head on with confidence and can apply her mathematical knowledge with increasing ease. She takes part in class discussions willingly and is increasing in confidence and ability daily. She is now receiving support through the phase 2 pilot materials for Catch Up® Numeracy and is finding it very beneficial.

Her maths age is currently 10 years 11 months, 1 month above her chronological age, and a ratio gain of 4.48. She is now predicted a Level 4 for her end of Key Stage 2 results.

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