What schools say

Graph Over 92% of respondents, asked to rate their experience of Catch Up® between 1-10, rated us at 7 or above (July 2014, 290 respondents).
Over the years, we have been sent lots of feedback from schools using the Catch Up® interventions and we'd like to share some of it here!

Impact quotes

Catch Up® intervention continues to be a great success in South Ayrshire. So much so, that we have had requests for further Catch Up® training for school assistants and teachers in both Literacy and Numeracy.”
Marisa Doherty, Principal Teacher of Inclusion, Learning and Teaching, South Ayrshire (2019)

“I have seen Catch Up® in a number of settings over my time in Education and have always thought of it as a great tool in the hands of those appropriately trained and committed professionals. With the huge emphasis on proving the progress of all children and the culture of Benchmarking and Categorisation, this is a fantastic tool which benefits children who need that extra boost in Literacy or Numeracy. There is also the benefit for schools to illustrate how additional intervention can indeed bring the wonderful outcomes of making children reconnect and enjoy Literacy and Numeracy activities, while also enabling schools to show they are ensuring value for money.”
David Morris, HT, Jenner Park Primary School, Wales (2019)

Catch Up® works. I wouldn't speak about something I didn't believe in.”
‘[We are] impressed with the Catch Up® Literacy intervention, [it is] quick and effective. Record keeping and pupil tracking are clear and straightforward.
Catch Up® Literacy has proven to be a very successful intervention for all of the pupils we have used it with. Every child has made progress and they thoroughly enjoy their Catch Up® time.
Parents have commented to class teachers and to myself that their child now picks up books at home and is more willing to read.
We are now having staff trained in Catch Up® Numeracy.’
Jayne Burrows, Deputy Headteacher and SENDco, St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Walsall (2017)

We chose the Catch Up® Numeracy intervention because we see the benefit of early intervention for children in maths. Catch Up® was perfect for us due to its high level of monitoring and tracking and, even better, the fact that it went back to basics with the children, constantly reinforcing and recapping the basic building blocks in maths fluency so that the children become much more able to access the curriculum. Louise Bradford, Deputy Headteacher, Crookhill Community Primary School, Ryton, Tyne & Wear (2018)

Quotes from the training room

[The trainer] was inspirational and unbelievably thorough, offering anecdotal evidence together with clear explanations and directives regarding the structure and delivery of Catch Up®. I don't recall any training I have undertaken in the past ten years that was as exemplary as this and I have returned to school with such enthusiasm about both delivering and co-ordinating this intervention.
The follow up system and on going support from Catch Up® will be invaluable and we can proceed with confidence to improve the reading of so many of our students. Really excited about this! A huge thank you for a meticulously planned course with excellent supporting resources.
HLTA Interventions Co-ordinator, North Yorkshire (2018)

This is such a fantastic intervention - I can already see the impact on a pupil. The delivery was perfect - in pace and content. Thank you. SENCo, Shropshire (2018)

I felt that this was a highly worthwhile training course, particularly in the role of PEF Champion this year. I think that the approach will be an effective intervention with a number of young people in my school and I am excited to get started and see the impact that it has. [The trainer] was fantastic and explained everything well and passed on her enthusiasm for Catch Up® Numeracy to all attending the course. Acting Principal Teacher, Lanarkshire (2018)