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Catch Up® Management Resources –
Supporting and Monitoring

Our online Catch Up® management resources are based on our 10-point Coordinator action plan.

The second set of videos takes you through supporting and monitoring the interventions, including how to use the supporting resources for these areas.

Supporting and Monitoring Catch Up® training videos:
  • Video 7: Liaise between teachers and Catch Up® staff
  • Video 8: Support and monitor Catch Up® staff – Literacy
  • Video 8: Support and monitor Catch Up® staff – Numeracy
  • Video 9: Monitor learner progress and effectiveness of Catch Up®
  • Video 10: Report outcomes

These training videos and some downloadable resources to sit alongside them, can be accessed via the logged-in area of the Catch Up® website, which all trainees get a unique login for.

See an extract from the Action Plan Item 7 video - Liaise between teachers and Catch Up staff:

Catch Up® Review and Refresh sessions

Delivered at our Regional Training Centres, our Review and Refresh sessions offer opportunities for trainees to share and feed back about how their practice is going and get further guidance from their Catch Up® trainer and each other.

Deliverers can discuss impact, review the 4 stages of Catch Up® Literacy or Catch Up®Numeracy, watch a 15-minute session and complete an observation proforma, monitor an individual session record sheet, find out more about accreditation, and how to use all of the resources, tools and support available to them.

Deliverers can attend as many of these sessions as they would like, any time after they have been delivering the intervention for a while.

Catch Up® Coordinator network meetings

Coordinator network meetings give the person managing Catch Up® a chance to review where they are on the Coordinator action plan, look at the Coordinator support tools, share best practice with other Coordinators and get further guidance from their Catch Up® trainer.

The meetings will feature a different Catch Up® themed focus each time, which will be explored in depth.

Catch Up® Literacy and Numeracy Accreditation

Trainees can submit for a qualification that is regulated by Ofqual and accredited by Gateway Qualifications. These qualifications are particularly appropriate for teaching assistants’ Professional Development.

Submission for Catch Up® Literacy or Catch Up® Numeracy accreditation is optional and costs £100 per qualification.

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