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Train your staff to deliver Catch Up®

The 3 half-day training sessions fully prepare the adults who are going to deliver the intervention in your school or setting. All staff who are going to deliver the intervention, and the member of staff who is going to manage it, should attend the training.

Delivering Catch Up® - 3 half-day training sessions

The training comprises 3 practical half-day training sessions with follow-up tasks.

Training session 1

  • Introducing Catch Up® training
  • Struggling learners
  • The Catch Up® Literacy /Catch Up® Numeracy intervention
  • Catch Up® Stage 1: Assessments for learning

Training session 2

  • Catch Up® Stage 2: Selecting the appropriate book or numeracy focus
  • Catch Up® Stage 3: The individual session

Training session 3

  • Catch Up® Stage 3: The individual session (continued)
  • Catch Up® Stage 4: Ongoing monitoring
  • Managing Catch Up® overview
  • The 'Delivering Catch Up®' qualification

After each session, you will be given short 'follow-up tasks' to carry out with a learner in your school or setting, practising the skills you have learnt so far. You then give feedback on the tasks at the next training session, so you learn from each other as well as from your Catch Up® Accredited Trainer. Your feedback on the follow-up tasks is then built upon during the next training session(s), enabling you to rapidly develop your Catch Up® skills.

We also provide online training materials for the person who will be managing the intervention and face-to-face Review and Refresh sessions for deliverers and coordinators.

We run Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy training every term at Regional Training Centres across the UK.

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