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Progress Reporting Tool

Catch Up® Progress Reporting Tool

Our Progress Reporting tool helps you to track each pupil’s individual progress, as well as the progress of certain groups of pupils, such as those receiving additional targeted funding. This tool will help you to report to class teachers and Senior Leaders on the impact and effectiveness of the interventions.

Reports available include:
  • Individual pupil progress reports
  • Group progress reports for pupils:

  • – receiving targeted funding

    – on free school meals

    – with Special Educational Needs

    – with English as an Additional Language

The Progress Reporting tool is available within the logged-in area of the Catch Up® website.

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Catch Up® Excellence Awards

The Catch Up® Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate learner achievements based on the successful implementation of the interventions. Schools can enter for an award when they have been delivering either or both of the interventions for 12 months.

Catch Up® Numeracy Digital games

Based on rigorous research, our digital games offer motivating support so children carry on playing games at home, at the same time enabling you to monitor progress, drilling down to see which skills need additional support. The digital games have been designed to complement Catch Up® Numeracy.