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3rd February 2015 - Conference preview: more from our speakers

Chris Cheal

With under 7 weeks to go until our Interventions with Impact conference, we'd like to give you a bit more information about what some of the speakers will be sharing…

Chris Cheal, Assistant Headteacher, Bartley CofE Junior School
Chris’s project is a focus of the NCTL “Closing the Gap” report. This is the first time the findings are being reported. He will show you how he’s combining two effective interventions – use of TAs and effective feedback – to close the gap.

“Due to the findings of recent research suggesting that there are wide differences in the effectiveness of TAs in class and their impact on pupil progress, we developed training to maximise the effectiveness of our TAs, particularly in supporting and feeding back to target children, whilst minimising the risk of learned dependence. Initial findings show children who had previously lagged behind their peers, now making equal progress...”

Jean Gross CBE, Independent Consultant and Expert
Formerly Director of the National Strategies, Jean is uniquely placed to share with you evidence from a wide range of successful pupil premium strategies.

“I will explore some of the better-known features of quality interventions, such as careful targeting and high-quality training, and also some that may be less familiar – timing, ownership by class and subject teachers, pupil choice and control, parental involvement, and strong and visible leadership support. This will help you get the best from interventions for all children and young people, whatever the label we attach to them.”

Bette Chambers, Director of the Institute for Effective Education
As Director, Bette oversees all the work of the Institute, including the exhaustive Evidence 4 Impact (E4I) database – a recently-launched summary of which intervention programmes really work and are really supported by evidence.

“As evidence-based reform in education is taking hold, education leaders are asking “What interventions have been shown to improve pupils’ learning?” Many evaluations are discovering what works and what doesn’t. This presentation will present the evidence for some effective interventions and approaches, especially for struggling readers. Using the Evidence4Impact web tool, you will see how to find interventions with evidence of effectiveness and how to get them implemented with your pupils.”

Rob Coe, Director of the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring
As a co-author of the Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit – which all school leaders must use to inform their Pupil Premium spend decisions – Rob will show you why evaluation of your decisions is more important than your choice of intervention, and how to do this effectively.

“Even if we choose interventions with the best research backing we can never be sure that past evidence will apply in our context. For this reason, it is important to build evaluation into any change. High-quality evaluation is hard, but the basic principles are simple and there are tools available to help.”

View the full programme and book your place now at Interventions with Impact, 26th March in London.

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