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20th February 2019 - Preparing resources - Using the online booklist to find Catch Up® Literacy levels


The Catch Up® Literacy intervention has been designed for schools to use alongside their existing resources. Schools may already have reading schemes in place and access to the school library to source material which would be appropriate for Catch Up® sessions.

All trainees are given their own user account on the Catch Up® website; once logged in, they can access a wide range of supporting resources. For example, Literacy trainees are able to access the Catch Up® online booklist, which currently lists nearly 10,000 books – including over 1,000 in Welsh – that have been graded to Catch Up® Literacy levels.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I use the books we already have in school?

  • We have some old books in the back of the cupboard – can we still use them?

  • Why keep old titles on the booklist?

  • How can I easily find levels without the task being too time-consuming?

It is fine to use the books you already have in school, but we also know that some schools like to purchase a ready-levelled starter collection (details on how to purchase these are on our website).

If you do come across some old books which you think may be appropriate to use in your Catch Up® Literacy sessions, then there is no reason why these cannot be added to your resource collection. On the booklist, there is an easy way to search for ‘out of print’ books. Some titles may have been published only a few years ago but these can also go out of print very quickly. If these books have been allocated a Catch Up® Literacy level, then it is still possible to access the levels on the booklist.

It can be a little time-consuming collecting resources to use in the sessions, but here are a few tips to make your searches quicker:

Narrow down your search

  • Search by ‘Publisher’ and 'Series’ – this will make your search easier if you are looking for levels for scheme books. If the titles are non-scheme, and there is a series to check by, then this would also be a good starting point.

  • Type the book title into the search box – this can work well if the title is not a popular one, as there may be more than one book with the same name. (Remember to include any punctuation that is part of the title!)

  • Type in a keyword from the title – this will show all the books included on the booklist, which have that word in their title.

  • Publisher and Series – the names will still show on the drop-down menu, even if that particular publisher or series no longer exists.

Searching for levels for older books

  • The above points still apply, but there is an ‘Include out of print’ box which would need to be ticked to show the books that are known to be out of print.

We make every effort to keep the booklist accurate, but if you do see any inconsistencies, then please let us know!

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