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29th January 2020 - New items in your user account!

User account

The next time you log into your user account, you will find three new items available for Catch Up® Literacy and/or Catch Up® Numeracy, as appropriate for you! These items are all free of charge, and have been added to your user account as part of the ongoing support you receive through your Catch Up® training and support package.

So, what are these three items?

1. Overview – completing the (Literacy or Numeracy) individual session record sheet

This one-page overview has been written to give you an at-a-glance reminder of the structure of the 15-minute session, linked to ‘what goes where’ on the record sheet. This clear, concise summary might be particularly useful for people who have had a long gap between their initial training and getting started with the intervention. It may also be handy for those who were trained some time ago!

In addition to giving handy reminders for the individual session, the overview sheet also gives some key file page numbers, so you can easily find more in-depth information on any particular aspect of the intervention.

The overview sheet can be found in the ‘Resources’ section of your user account, under the ‘Delivering Catch Up® tab.

2. An electronic copy of the file

Designed to be used as a reference document after your training, the Catch Up® file contains details about the four stages of the intervention – including a glossary of terms used – along with a range of additional information, such as tips for helping to develop comprehension (Literacy) and ideas for activities (Numeracy).

The electronic copy of the file is provided as a read-only PDF, and you can access this in the ‘Resources’ section of your user account, under the ‘Delivering Catch Up® tab.

3. A Catch Up® progress tracking template – back by popular demand!!!

For some time now, schools have been asking us to reinstate the progress tracking templates for our interventions, as an alternative to them using the Catch Up® Progress Reporting Tool (PRT). Although the PRT remains very popular, some schools have found that it doesn’t quite fit with their own internal recording and reporting systems.

So, we are delighted to say that the purpose-designed Excel spreadsheets are available once again – and they have been updated! As before, the templates provide automatic calculations of Reading or Number/Maths Age gains (as appropriate), duration of intervention, ratio gains etc, but the Catch Up® Numeracy tracking sheet, for example, now has an additional tab for recording phase 2!

(The PRT will continue to be available in its current format, and can still be used for producing individual and group reports.)

The progress tracking template can be found in the ‘Resources’ section of your user account, under the ‘Managing Catch Up® tab

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