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10th March 2014 - The importance of the Sutton Trust-EEF Toolkit

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Catch Up® Numeracy is now in the Sutton Trust-Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Teaching and Learning Toolkit.

The Toolkit has become an essential source of high quality, well-researched information to support schools in their challenge to raise standards and close the learning gap between those pupils who do well and those who underachieve. The Toolkit is a summary of what works and how well it works with regard to effective learning and teaching. Ofsted now advise schools to use the Toolkit when they are looking for approaches, strategies and interventions that will enable the schools to better tackle underachievement.

Catch Up® were invited by the EEF to run a research project, evaluated by the NFER, to investigate whether the evidence of improvement by the project pupils was strong enough for the EEF to include Catch Up® Numeracy in the Toolkit.

The resulting evidence showed that Catch Up® Numeracy, when delivered through two 15 minute one to one support sessions per week, does make a significant difference when compared with a control group of children who did not receive one to one support. The evaluation also tested Catch Up® Numeracy against an active control group of children who also received two, structured 15 minute one to one support sessions per week from Teaching Assistants, but did not use Catch Up® Numeracy, the progress made by these two groups was not significantly different. The report’s authors suggest further research is required. Please view more information here.

What this means is that schools that use the Toolkit to look for approaches that work, are now more likely to find out about and use Catch Up® Numeracy. This means more pupils will benefit as their numeracy skills and knowledge improve and - just as importantly - as their confidence as learners improves. Catch Up® Numeracy has been shown to do all of these things – Catch Up® Numeracy makes a difference.

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