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3rd February 2021 - Can Catch Up® be delivered online?

Not surprisingly, this is another question that has started coming in to us on a regular basis. (You may remember, in our last newsletter, that we addressed the question of how Catch Up® sessions were being delivered in schools, with Covid-19 protocols in place.)

It is very heartening to know how many of you are trying to continue with your Catch Up® support, and we really want to help! However, as you will know, the Catch Up® sessions are designed to be delivered face-to-face and, as such, the structure does not really lend itself to online delivery. The current situation is so difficult for everybody, of course, so it’s good for us all to try to find ways of supporting our learners whilst they are at home. Even though you may not be able to deliver a Catch Up® session at the moment, there are still lots of ways in which you can offer support with reading and numeracy in general, and provide encouragement – along with that important adult interaction – to help keep your learners reading and/or engaging with numeracy regularly.

You may remember that you have access to a number of leaflets in your user account that have been designed for parents and carers. These leaflets outline various ways in which parents and carers can help support learning at home. However, you may also find some of the information in these leaflets helpful, in order to structure your ‘remote’ support for your learners, which will then help them to continue their reading or numeracy practice.

In addition, children taking part in the Catch Up® Numeracy intervention can be given access to the Catch Up® Numeracy Digital Games, if this is felt to be appropriate for them. Children can access these games at home, and you – as the supporting adult – will be able to monitor their progress without either one-to-one support or video calling.

As you might expect, we are liaising with our trainers, school-based colleagues and the wider Catch Up® Community to try to find a way forward with online delivery. However, we need to be aware that this won’t be ‘Catch Up’ as we all know it, since our interventions have been rigorously researched, trialled, tested and developed over a number of years. Instead, we are looking at finding ways of applying Catch Up® principles to remote learning, in a way that will best support learners (and deliverers!) until such time as their face-to-face sessions can resume. These are difficult times for everyone, and we want to do our best to continue to help struggling learners!

If you have any ideas to help us with this – perhaps you are already adapting your delivery and using Catch Up® principles for online learning – then we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us via to share your suggestions!

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