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15th February 2013 - Catch Up® Numeracy at Jenner Park Primary School, Vale of Glamorgan

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We had a Year Five girl with a history of low self-esteem and confidence. Prior to Catch Up® Numeracy, she rarely took an active role in class lessons. She was dependent on regular support during Maths activities and often appeared concerned about her lack of ability in front of her peers. Her knowledge of basic numeracy strategies was poor.

She was offered Catch Up® Numeracy following discussion with the class teacher, who felt the one-to-one intervention would suit her. She accessed a very high standard of delivery with an LSA who adopted strategies identified to support her, e.g. the use of all pupils proforma including session record sheets on yellow paper.

During the period of support, it became obvious that she was enjoying the sessions - “Is it my turn?” and was growing in confidence during classroom Maths. “She now puts her hand up to answer questions more often (and gets them right, even the harder ones)”. This confidence is being matched by improved outcomes, with a Number Age gain from 9.6 in Jan 2012 to 11 in July 2012 (1.4 years in 6 months) and NC final teacher assessment of 3a+ (initially 2a). This puts her in a very good position as she heads into Year 6.

Debbie Rowan, SENCO, Jenner Park Primary School

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