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17th March 2021 - What is ‘catch-up funding’? Is this for Catch Up®?

‘Catch-up funding’ is government funding, which – along with the more recently announced ‘Recovery Premium’ – is allocated to schools for learners to catch up with their learning.  The DfE guidance document (published 19 November 2020) states, “While schools can use their funding in a way that suits their cohort and circumstances, they are expected to use this funding for specific activities which will help pupils catch up on missed education.”  (More information is available on the .gov website.)

We are an independent, not-for-profit charity called Catch Up®.  We offer two structured one-to-one interventions – Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy – proven to significantly improve the achievement of learners who find literacy or numeracy difficult.

We provide integrated training and resource packages to support the management and delivery of the Catch Up® interventions.

Both of our interventions begin with assessments for learning, which help to ensure that support is targeted and that progress can be monitored.  Throughout both interventions, the emphasis is on providing effective personalised learning support for the individual learner, within a positive, supportive and enabling framework.

“Since the implementation of both of these interventions, we have both quantitative and qualitative data that indicates the positive impact these interventions have on pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills.”  Primary School, 2019

Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy are both featured in the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Report 'Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants - Guidance Report - March 2015'.

“At the end of the year, we had a graduation meeting and the students gave their feedback, which was very positive. Every child had made progress.” Secondary School, 2018

Catch Up® has been established for over 20 years; we have trained over 30,000 supporting adults, who have helped over 500,000 struggling learners. To find out more, please visit our website.

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