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6th January 2017 - Getting the best from the Catch Up® interventions

Using the Catch Up®support tools: frequently asked questions

1. Who has access to the logged-in area of the website?

Everyone who has completed the 3 half-days Catch Up® training, in either Literacy or Numeracy, has access to the logged-in area of the website. When you did your training, you would have set up your own personalised user account, with a unique username and password to log in. Only people who have attended the training can create a user account. See the next question if you are having problems logging in.

2. How do I access the logged-in area of the website?

  1. Visit

  2. Click on ‘Log in’ at the top right of the screen

  3. Type in your username and password. Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, click on the ‘Forgotten password’ link and you will be sent an email to help you reset it

  4. If you are having problems with your email address, call us on 01842 752297 or email, and we will be able to help you

3. I am delivering the interventions – what is there to help me?

To get set up before you start the sessions:
  • The Catch Up® Literacy online booklist helps you select appropriate books for sessions – just click on the ‘Online booklist’ icon on the homepage of your user account

  • Our videos and ‘Top Tips’ give you lots of advice on preparing for sessions – in the ‘Resources’ tab, ‘Coordinator Action Plan’ page

For delivering sessions:
  • Progress booklets for use with each learner and every session – in the ‘Resources’ tab

  • The Catch Up® Numeracy online bank of activities can be downloaded for use in sessions if needed – in the ‘Resources’ tab

4. I am responsible for managing the interventions – what is there to help me?

To get the interventions set up in your school:
  • The 10-point Coordinator action plan – in the ‘Resources’ tab, ‘Managing Catch Up®’ tab, part of the ‘Management proformas’ (select the Literacy or Numeracy tab)

  • The Coordinator action plan training videos, Items 1-6 – in the ‘Resources’ tab, ‘Coordinator Action Plan’ page
1. Communicating about Catch Up® video
2. Identifying learners video
3. Identifying staff video
4. Organising attendance at Catch Up® training video
5. Timetabling video
6. Preparing resources for Catch Up® Literacy video
6. Preparing resources for Catch Up® Numeracy video

For supporting and monitoring staff delivering the interventions:
  • The next three Coordinator action plan training videos – in the ‘Resources’ tab, ‘Coordinator action plan’ page
7. Liaise between teachers and Catch Up® staff video
8. Support and monitor Catch Up® Literacy staff video
8. Support and monitor Catch Up® Numeracy staff video

For monitoring and reporting on pupil progress
  • The last two Coordinator action plan training videos – in the ‘Resources’ tab, ‘Coordinator action plan’ page
9. Monitor learner progress and effectiveness of Catch Up®
10. Report outcomes
  • The Progress Reporting Tool – in the ‘Reporting’ tab, when you have been given access

5. What is the Progress Reporting Tool?

The Catch Up® Progress Reporting Tool allows you to enter assessment, test and Catch Up® session data for any of your pupils receiving a Catch Up® intervention.

The Tool allows you to report on their progress over time, to both class teachers and Senior Leaders. The Tool also allows you to report on the progress of particular groups of pupils, such as those receiving any form of Targeted Funding (e.g. Pupil Premium). It will also help you make decisions on when a pupil should stop receiving the intervention(s).

6. How do I get access to the Progress Reporting Tool?

Only adults who have completed Catch Up® Literacy or Catch Up® Numeracy training, and have a login for the Catch Up® website, will be able to access the Progress Reporting Tool, and enter or view a pupil’s individual data.

Only a Catch Up® Coordinator is able to edit an individual pupil’s data, produce reports, and give access to, or remove access from, other colleagues. We will email your Headteacher asking them to nominate a Catch Up® Coordinator. The nominated Coordinator must confirm the Headteacher’s nomination to get access.

The Catch Up® Coordinator is responsible for ensuring only approved colleagues can access the Progress Reporting Tool, in line with your school’s Data Protection policies.

You can start using the Progress Reporting Tool at any time during your use of the interventions, entering as much historical data as you'd like to.

If you think you are the Catch Up® Coordinator for your school and should have access, please contact or call 01842 752297.

7. Who is the right member of staff to take on the Catch Up® Coordinator role?

Any staff member can take on this role but we recommend it is a senior member of staff or member of the senior team because they will be more likely to be involved in meetings about things like timetabling or allocation of rooms and they can then champion Catch Up® from within those meetings and make sure you have what you need to run the sessions. Our experience has shown that the interventions are more effective when senior management are behind them.

8. Where do I access resources to help me with my accreditation?

In the ‘Resources’ tab, ‘Accreditation’ page

9. I have done my 3 half-days training – what other training sessions can I do?

Review and Refresh sessions

Once you have been delivering the intervention for a while, you can attend a Review and Refresh session. At the Review and Refresh session, you can:
  • feed back to your Catch Up® trainer

  • share with other deliverers how Catch Up® is going in your setting

  • get advice to help you improve your practice.

Coordinator network meetings

People responsible for coordinating the Catch Up® interventions in school can attend Coordinator network meetings. Catch Up® Coordinators can attend as many of these meetings as they would like.

In-depth workshops

People delivering Catch Up® who want to enhance their practice, or learn more about specific areas of the intervention, can attend an in-depth workshop. You can attend as many of these workshops as you would like. They are run at your local Regional Training Centre.

10. How do I book on the additional training sessions?

We are very close to making this bookable on the website - when this is live it will be available in the ‘Training’ tab on the homepage of your logged-in area; select ‘Additional training’ and then search by Regional Training Centre for the next dates near you. Click to register on any session. You will be sent confirmation and full details of the session by email. Until the sessions are available to book online, please call or email the Catch Up® office and we will book you on to your nearest session.

11. Do you recommend any particular assessments for measuring Reading/Number Age before and after the intervention?

Yes, we recommend the New Salford Sentence Reading Test and the Basic Number Screening Test, both published by Hodder. Please see our Recommended Resources web page for more information on assessments and books/apparatus to go with the interventions.

12. What is included in my Catch Up® training and support package and what do I have to pay more for?

Everything mentioned in these FAQs is included! There is no additional charge for anything in the logged-in area, or for any of the additional training sessions. The price you paid for your training and support package is a one-off cost per trainee, per intervention. Everything in the training and support package is available to you at no extra cost, once you have completed your initial Catch Up® training.

13. Can I book training for more staff through the logged-in area?

Yes, or through the main area of the Catch Up®website. Visit the ‘Training’ tab within your user account to search, or go to our Find training page and search by your postcode or browse the list of forthcoming training. Click through to book your place(s).

14. How can I get help with my user account, ask questions or make suggestions?

If you need any help or have any questions, just call us on 01842 752297 or email We are always happy to help or to hear suggestions on how we might make the website better for you, or anything else that would help you with your Catch Up® work!

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