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8th September 2015 - Updated website!!


We’ve updated our website, which means that the place where you access your Catch Up® resources looks different – and, hopefully you will agree, even better!

You now have your own personalised user area of the website (your ‘user account’), so you can find all of the resources you need to help you deliver and manage Catch Up® even more easily, and you can also see details of any training you have coming up.

How do I access my user account?

  1. Visit the website, at the same address as before:

  2. Click ‘Log in’ on the top right of the screen

  3. Enter your existing Catch Up® username and password, using the ‘email address’ and ‘password’ boxes

  4. You will be asked to change your username to your email address

  5. Click to log in – you’re in!

NB. Please do not change your password at this point; leave it as the 7 digit number

What has changed?
All of the resources you previously had access to are still there, but we have re-organised them to make it easier for you to find and use them!

As ever, our office team are always on hand to help, so if you have any problems using the website or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 01842 752297 or email

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