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12th February 2013 - Looking for good ideas for learners who no longer need Catch Up® Literacy?

Catch Up Blog

If your learners have reached Catch Up® Literacy level 11 or 12 and are making very few miscues, then it’s time to move on. But where do you go next?

Move them on to twice-weekly guided reading sessions where the emphasis is on comprehension. Three or four learners sharing the same text can enjoy reading together and then you can guide them to explore beyond literal comprehension into inferential comprehension. Questions that really work well are:

  • How do you know …..

  • What makes you think ….

  • Do you believe xxx when they say …… Why not?

If learners get used to the idea of unpicking the layers of meaning in a text in a small group, then they’ll go on to do that when reading independently. Simple! Think of it like Catch Up® Plus!

Dee Reid, Catch Up® Consultant and Approved Trainer

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