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12th September 2017 - Using the new Progress Reporting Tool – two schools share their experience

PRT blog

It’s been five months since we launched the Catch Up® Progress Reporting Tool, and we are pleased to see that hundreds of schools are already using it to track pupil progress and report on individuals and groups. We have spoken to two schools about how they are using it to demonstrate the impact that the interventions are having.

Jayne Burrows is Deputy Headteacher at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Walsall; the school have been delivering Catch Up® Literacy since 2015. As Catch Up® Coordinator, Jayne started using the Progress Reporting Tool by adding in pupils. She told us, “After the initial work of adding the pupils was done, inputting the data was straightforward. The report gives very clear evidence of the impact of the intervention. We are using the last page of the progress report to show governors how the pupil premium money has been spent effectively. The graphs are clear and show ratio gain scores, so impact is easy to show.

“The pupil progress tool was easy to set up and has proven a useful tool to use in showing quickly the impact of the intervention. It has helped us to identify individual pupil progress in a variety of ways and also overall effectiveness of the intervention.”

Ruth Deer is Interventions Teacher at The Jenny Hammond Primary School in Waltham Forest. The school are delivering both Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy. Ruth told us, “I have found the Progress Reporting Tool really useful in producing individual reports for children having been on the programme, as well as group reports. As I only received access to the tool a short time ago, and had been using Catch Up® Literacy and Numeracy for much longer, I had a lot of data to input which did take a lot of time – however, the results made it worthwhile.

“It was very helpful in calculating the ratio of increased progress to demonstrate the impact, and the graphs supported this well too. Having session counts shown on the reports also helps to demonstrate how effective the intervention is.”

Are you using the Progress Reporting Tool yet? If you are, we’d love to hear what you think. Please send us your feedback!

If you’d like to find out more about the Tool or have access set up for your school, visit our information page to get started.

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