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27th April 2017 - Training round-up, Spring Term 2017


It has been a very busy 2017 so far for the Catch Up® team! We have already delivered 39 Catch Up® training courses, welcoming almost another 500 attendees to the Catch Up® Community! What’s more, these figures are only taking into account our core ‘Delivering Catch Up®’ courses. In addition, we have welcomed back familiar faces to our ‘Review and Refresh’ training sessions, and there have been some really helpful webinars too!

Our Accredited Trainers were pleased to visit some of our Regional Training Centres, schools and other venues across the UK. Courses took place in Berkshire, Cumbria, Newcastle, Nottinghamshire, Birmingham, Crewe, Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Norfolk, Swansea, Liverpool, London, Guildford, Lincolnshire, South Ayrshire, Powys, South Wales, Leeds, and Belfast! We haven’t stopped there this term! Our Catch Up team have also been busy delivering training in Australia as well!

One of our trainers, Debbie Rowan, was keen to share her experiences from the training room with us. Debbie told us, “It has been another busy term for me, with training as far north as Newcastle, and south to Reading! I've been privileged enough to deliver a range of Catch Up® training, from the three half days through to the Review and Refresh sessions.”

Debbie is based in Wales, but is our regular Accredited Trainer for both our Birmingham and Bristol regional centres. She continued, “The Regional Training Centre at Birmingham continues to attract trainees from across the Midlands, with many schools sending more staff to be trained, adding to their Catch Up® teams at school level. In Bristol, I've been delighted to welcome trainees from as far afield as the Scilly Isles and Cornwall! These fabulous trainees made good use of their time away, and left training keen to get started!”

Many of our trainers feed back regularly about the positive response they receive regarding our online tools and support. Debbie has certainly found this too! “A key message running through all the training is how pleased trainees are with all the exciting developments within Catch Up® in terms of supporting all deliverers......whether the school team is small or large, whether Literacy or Numeracy or both........the response to the online resources has been great!”

This is echoed through the feedback we receive directly from course attendees. Across all of our courses, the average trainee response to ‘How would you rate the training course overall?’ was 4.5 (with 1 being ‘poor’ and 5 being ‘excellent’)!

We were really pleased to receive these very positive comments over the last term:

‘…all the materials are top quality’

‘…the online resources are particularly helpful’

‘I feel empowered to help the learner progress and realise their full potential’

‘One of the best courses I’ve been on for a long time’

‘…highly recommended to others’

‘I am confident that the targeted approach to an individual will make a difference’

‘The follow-up tasks were a great way of putting into practice what we have covered each day’

We look forward to welcoming more trainees during the summer term - book your training now!

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