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12th April 2017 - ‘Managing Catch Up®’ training videos now in Welsh!


We are pleased to announce that our new ‘Managing Catch Up®’ videos are now available in Welsh medium!

These training videos are based on our 10-point Coordinator action plan and are designed to help you introduce and manage the interventions, with lots of useful advice on everything from communicating with parents about Catch Up®, to identifying learners, timetabling and reporting outcomes.

The videos are particularly designed for the person responsible for managing Catch Up® in your school, but there is lots of useful advice for Catch Up® deliverers too, particularly within the ‘Preparing resources’ videos (Item 6).

Even if you have been delivering Catch Up® for a long time, you might find something useful to help enhance your practice, particularly in the ‘supporting and monitoring Catch Up®’ videos – for example, see the videos for Item 9 and Item 10 to learn more about how to use our brand new Progress Reporting Tool!

How to find them:

  1. Go to

  2. Log in using your unique username and password

  3. Visit the ‘Resources’ tab

  4. Visit the ‘Coordinator action plan’ page from the left hand menu

  5. Scroll through and click on each video you want to watch

We hope you find these help with your work supporting struggling learners.

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