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8th June 2017 - Great Support for Catch Up® Coordinators!

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Have you heard about our new Coordinator network meetings? These useful sessions are being run at our Regional Training Centres, and are designed to enable staff, who are managing the Catch Up® interventions in schools and other settings, to get together!

These meetings provide an opportunity to review the implementation of Catch Up® (through the Coordinator action plan), look at the Coordinator support tools available, share best practice with colleagues and gain further guidance from one of our Catch Up® Accredited Trainers!

Each meeting explores a small number of themes in depth, using the support tools available in the logged-in area of the website. This term, our Catch Up® Accredited Trainers were delighted to discuss three main issues: how to support and monitor Catch Up deliverers, how to monitor learner progress, and how to enable liaison between the classroom and the Catch Up® sessions. The structure of each meeting also provides ample opportunity to ask any questions of the trainer and to network between settings from the local areas.

These one-hour lunchtime meetings are designed to be flexible, so if there are particular issues Coordinators wish to raise, these can be included in the agenda on the day! The meetings provide a helpful reminder of where to find the online support tools and generate lots of great ideas to try!

Catch Up® Accredited Trainer, Kath John, led several network meetings during this term. She told us, “Attendees have found it very helpful to have a chance to talk to staff from other schools and learn how different settings organise their Catch Up® interventions. They were really pleased with the tips they picked up from each other, which many wished to take back to their own schools and put into practice!”

Another of our trainers, Janet Beverley, has also met with Coordinators using both Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy. She told us, “Each meeting has provided an opportunity for good discussion, and many attendees have commented on how reassuring it is to talk things through. The new Coordinator support videos are often used during the meetings and have been very well received.”

We have been very pleased to receive feedback from attendees as well. Comments have been extremely positive and included, ‘good to be able to talk to colleagues’, ‘it helps raise the profile of Catch Up® in school’ and ‘such a useful reminder of all the support tools available for Coordinators and deliverers!’

Look out for a Coordinator network meeting near you! We will be rolling them out across all of our Regional Training Centres from September 2017. Our trainers look forward to welcoming you!

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