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8th May 2017 - The Catch Up® Coordinator Part 2: Who is the Catch Up®Coordinator?

Catch Up Coordinator

This article follows on from last month's article 'Why do we need a Catch Up® Coordinator'...

Who is the right member of staff to take on the Coordinator role?

Any staff member can take on this role, but we usually recommend it is a senior member of staff (or member of the senior team) because they will be more likely to be involved in meetings about things like timetabling or allocation of rooms. They can then champion Catch Up® from within those meetings and make sure you have what you need to run the sessions. Our experience has shown that the interventions are more effective when senior management are behind them.

Do I need extra training to take on the Coordinator role?

If you have attended the 3 half-day training sessions, then you don’t need any extra training to do the Coordinator role but you should use all the support tools we have online to help you, including the videos to support each item on the Catch Up® Coordinator action plan. We would also recommend that you attend some Coordinator network meetings, held at your Regional Training Centre, where you can review where you are on the Coordinator action plan, look at the Coordinator support tools, share best practice with other Coordinators and get further guidance from your Catch Up® trainer.

What special support and resources are there for Coordinators?

We have made lots of resources to support this important role! Log in online to find:

  • Coordinator Action Plan – a 10-step checklist to successful implementation

  • Coordinator Action Plan videos – videos to go with each step of the action plan

  • Management proformas – ready-to-use downloads to go with the action plan, including a letter to parents and a session observation sheet

  • Classroom liaison sheet – a guide to communication between yourself and deliverers

  • Online booklist – a tool to help you find and level books for Catch Up® Literacy sessions

  • Online bank of numeracy activities – downloads for use in Catch Up® Numeracy sessions

  • Parent leaflets – useful advice and information to send home

  • 'What is Catch Up®?' presentation – a summary to share with other staff

  • Progress Reporting Tool – a tool to help you record progress and easily report on outcomes

As well as the Coordinator network meetings mentioned above!

Request a copy of our Catch Up® Coordinator pack to make sure you and your deliverers know about all of the support available – read more and request yours now!

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