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5th October 2017 - Catch Up® Numeracy Digital Games

Numeracy DG

We’ve recently been working on an update to our Numeracy Digital Games, and we’re delighted that they’re now available in the logged-in area of our website, via the Progress Reporting Tool.

The Numeracy Digital Games are a complement to the Catch Up® Numeracy intervention, and can be played an unlimited number of times by pupils – on their smartphones, tablets and computers!

Catch Up® Numeracy deliverers will be able to see which games their pupils have been playing, and which level those pupils have reached. The games are linked to the Numeracy components, and the levels linked to the number ranges. So, Catch Up® Numeracy deliverers can use pupils’ gameplay to help support decisions about which components to focus on.

The Numeracy Digital Games are available within the Progress Reporting Tool. For more information about accessing the Progress Reporting Tool, click here. Pupils will need to have data entered from the Catch Up® Numeracy assessments for learning and 10 Catch Up® Numeracy sessions, before the Numeracy Digital Games become available.

We’d love to know how your pupils get on with the games, and how the gameplay data helps you support them during the intervention.

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