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5th September 2016 - Training round-up – summer 2016

Training blog

During the summer term of 2016, we were delighted to deliver Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy courses in Leeds, East Sussex, Doncaster, Gloucester, Nottingham, London, Peterborough, Sheffield, Durham, Birmingham, Bristol, Colchester, Reading, Crewe, Guildford, Norwich, Oxfordshire, Dorset, Ipswich, North and South Wales, Scotland and Australia!

Much of this training took place in our Regional Training Centres, but our Catch Up® Accredited Trainers were also made to feel very welcome at individual schools hosting across the country – thank you to all.

As always, the trainers enjoyed learning about the many different settings who will be using Catch Up®, and getting to know the trainees – over 600 in total! We were all very busy!

We were particularly pleased to meet up with staff from current Catch Up® schools, at the half-day ‘review’ sessions that took place during the term. Catch Up® Accredited Trainer, Clare Manghan, told us about her recent visits to Colchester and Guildford: “It was fantastic to meet up once again with such enthusiastic and passionate trainees. It was inspiring to hear of the very positive impact Catch Up® has made in schools, in terms of both learner progress and attitudes.”

Across all of our courses, the average trainee response to ‘How would you rate the training course overall?’ was 4.5 (with 1 being ‘poor’ and 5 being ‘excellent)!

We always welcome feedback from our training courses, and were very pleased to receive some very positive comments over the last term.

‘….fantastic training which is clear and simple’

‘I feel incredibly motivated and can’t wait to get started’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the extremely high quality training’

‘I thought the Catch Up® course was great and think that children who struggle will really benefit’


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