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11th October 2019 - On the road with Catch Up®

Catch Up conference stand

It has been my privilege over the last two weeks to have the opportunity to be out and about talking to people about Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy. It has been truly humbling to hear from many practitioners their Catch Up® stories. Working back in the office has its frustration, and the impact that Catch Up® makes can become obscured by the minutiae of everyday business!

As we all know there are many moving parts in the process of achieving good learning and we at Catch Up® are happy to be a part of the larger learning machine.

The first stop for me was the Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow. My first long stay in Glasgow, but hopefully not my last. This was a buzzy event where we were happy to be involved in celebrating the collective achievements of everyone involved in ensuring the success of Scottish learners.

It was a pleasure to speak with pupils who were sharing their learning experiences; to students who were taking their first steps on the journey to becoming qualified teachers; to passionate teachers who were focused on making the difference; and to people who have stepped out of the classroom, but remain committed to ensuring learners have access to the best opportunities possible.

Catch Up® has a growing presence in Scotland, and we met many professionals who spoke very highly of the impact they were making using Catch Up. The event was an uplifting experience as attendees were wholeheartedly positive and focused on attainment for all.

The TES SEN show In London provided another opportunity to hear from the wider Catch Up® community and to spread awareness of Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy. The show offered the opportunity to step away from the demands of the daily routine to gain inspiration and new ideas to enhance the learning of struggling learners.

It was equally as busy as the event in Glasgow, and full of people committed to delivering quality learning to struggling learners. The London event was also attended by parents who were very interested in hearing about Catch Up®. It is clear that Catch Up® has a continuing job to do in spreading our message, even in the austere situation in which some schools are operating, there will always be the learner, who for a multitude of reasons, is struggling, and for them Catch Up® will enable them to get back on track with their learning journey.

In response to schools asking if we could reduce the costs of training, we introduced Online training opportunities this year and we have been very keen to hear how this has been received. The TES SEN show enabled me to discuss this directly with people who had attended Online training. It was great to hear that the training was effective and that the impact of Catch Up® was already being witnessed in their schools.

We have a history of innovation and we are working hard to respond to the requests we receive from the Catch Up® community. We read and consider all feedback and develop our strategy accordingly. 2020 will see this continue, so please keep visiting our website, and reading the emails and newsletter that pop into your inbox, to ensure that you are up to date with all of our latest developments.

Theresa Rogers
Chief Executive Officer

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