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15th May 2014 - 5 more Top Tips for getting the most out of Catch Up® Numeracy sessions with older learners

Catch Up Blog

1. Choose resources that are age-appropriate

  • Counting plastic teddies may not engage Year 8 boys!

  • Link number work to their interests, eg, mobile phones, i-pads etc

  • Occasionally, get them to video you doing a numeracy calculation. Make a mistake (but pretend not to realise). Then watch the video together, asking them to check if you got it all right. Encourage them to pick up on errors.

  • You could also video them doing a calculation. Then, as you watch the video together, get them to explain how they decided on a strategy for solving the problem and how they worked it out.

2. Link numeracy tasks to real-life situations

  • Use catalogues and photographs (eg, of cars or phones) as the resources for activities

  • Link number lines to reading scales on measuring equipment, such as measuring jugs, tape measure etc

  • Link activities to money and use real till receipts

  • Focus on any sporting interests, eg, rugby or football etc

3. Keep it practical and visual

  • Use number lines, number squares and tables charts

  • Use bead strings /bars, Dienes apparatus or Cuisenaire for larger numbers

4. Help learners develop strategies for organising their learning

  • Make small cards with vocabulary prompts that they can keep in their bags, eg, division/divide by/ ÷, or little reminders, eg, 6 x 6 is the same as 6+6+6+6+6+6

5. Give them ownership of their learning

  • Increase challenge in a session by introducing a competitive element such as a timer and encouraging the learner to beat their personal best

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