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26th January 2016 - Catch Up® Literacy – book level stickers

Book sticker

Lots of you have asked us about stickers to use on your Catch Up® Literacy levelled books, so we have now produced a full set of book sticker templates, which means that you are able to print out your own! These templates are now available to everyone trained to deliver Catch Up® Literacy – just log in to your user account on the Catch Up® website, then go to ‘Resources’ and choose the ‘Managing Catch Up®’ tab.

If you then click on ‘Book sticker templates’, you will see that there are separate template sheets for each of the Catch Up® Literacy levels 1-12, along with a ‘mixed’ sheet for levels 3-12.

Our new sticker templates have been designed to fit onto 25mm square labels, obtainable from You will need either sheets of labels for the correct size or you could use sheets of larger labels, if you have them to hand, which can then be cut to size.

Before you start printing, please make sure that your printer is set to print out ‘actual size’, to help ensure that each sticker template matches the position of the stickers themselves. (Often, the default print dialogue box has 'shrink to printable area' – or similar – checked as the standard setting. But, with this checked, the printer automatically shrinks the document down a bit which means that the templates won’t then fit the stickers!)

As always, please contact us in the Catch Up® office if you have any questions – and don’t forget to let us know what you think about this latest free ‘additional resource’!

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