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25th April 2017 - The Catch Up® Coordinator Part 1: Why do we need one?


What is the Catch Up® Coordinator?

The Catch Up® Coordinator is the person who takes responsibility for ensuring the successful implementation of the Catch Up® intervention(s) in your school or setting. Ideally, they will have attended the full ‘Delivering Catch Up®’ training course (three half-day sessions) for Literacy and/or Numeracy, in order to gain a full understanding of that intervention. They will also have taken advantage of the wide range of support tools available to them, free of charge, to help them in their role.

Why do we need one?

Evidence from across the UK (looking at what works well for schools and other settings using the Catch Up® interventions) has identified effective management as the most significant factor in the successful implementation and delivery of the Catch Up® interventions.

Effective management enables schools and other settings to get the maximum benefits from Catch Up® by ensuring that it is:

  • integrated successfully into the school/setting

  • delivered to the learners who will benefit most from the intervention

  • delivered by properly trained staff

  • properly supported, monitored and evaluated

To read more about how the role of Catch Up® Coordinator works in practice, visit the Excellence Awards page of our website to find out how other schools have implemented Catch Up®. Here is Silverdale Primary Academy (winner of a Silver Excellence Award) talking about their experience:

Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy are highly valued interventions within the Academy. A senior Leader of the Academy [Pupil Premium Champion] is the Catch Up® Coordinator. There is a designated area in the Academy where the interventions take place. Currently, there are three members of staff delivering Catch Up®. Learners are identified, initially by the Pupil Premium Champion, and then – in conjunction with meetings with class teachers – target children are selected. Intervention sessions are timetabled, in the main, in the afternoons so as not to impact on Wave One teaching in the morning in terms of Literacy and Numeracy. Regular meetings are arranged between the Catch Up® Coordinator and those delivering the Catch Up® interventions. The Coordinator audits regularly the individual session sheets and monitors delivery of the interventions. The Coordinator also tracks the children receiving the intervention, recording the amount of progress made. Progress is shared regularly with the Senior Leadership Team and regular meetings are arranged with the link Governor.”

Look out for next month’s newsletter, when we will answer your questions about choosing the person in your setting to take on the role of Catch Up® Coordinator. Read Part 2 on the blog.

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