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15th February 2018 - What resources do I need to buy for my Catch Up® sessions?


The Catch Up® interventions have been designed for schools to use alongside their existing resources – reading books and numeracy apparatus, as appropriate.

The Catch Up® Literacy book collections and the Catch Up® Numeracy apparatus collection were developed in response to requests from schools, who wished to purchase new (and sometimes supplementary) resources, or who wanted to keep a separate, different collection of books or apparatus for use only within Catch Up® sessions. (We do suggest keeping resources separate if possible, not just to help motivate learners, but also to help ensure the smooth running of delivery of the intervention.)

All trainees are given their own user account on the Catch Up® website; once logged in, they can access a wide range of supporting resources. For example, Literacy trainees are able to access the Catch Up® Literacy online booklist, which currently lists nearly 10,000 books – including over 1,000 in Welsh – that have been graded to Catch Up® Literacy levels. (Full guidance on using the online booklist is provided during the Catch Up® Literacy training.) Once trainees have identified some books suitable for use in the individual sessions, they can also download templates for printing off their own book level stickers!

Numeracy trainees are provided with a list of suggested apparatus for possible use in their Catch Up® Numeracy sessions, and they also have access to a bank of downloadable numeracy activities, which they may choose to use in their individual sessions.

However, we know that it does suit many schools to purchase a ready-made collection of books or numeracy apparatus, either to complement the resources they already have available, or to help them get ‘up and running’ quickly. Whilst the Catch Up® collections have proved to be very popular, it is very much an individual school’s decision as to whether or not they wish to purchase any of the collections – it is not a requirement of either intervention for them to do so.

You can find details of all our ready-to-use collections on the Catch Up® website. Please click here to visit the ‘Recommended’ page, where you can also find details of the recently updated book collections, available from Pandora Books.

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