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10th May 2016 - Starting point after second Catch Up® assessment


I have recently carried out a second assessment of the children on Catch Up® Numeracy. How do I now continue with the intervention in their individual sessions – from the first assessment or the second assessment?

After you have completed your re-assessment using the Catch Up® Numeracy assessments for learning, we would suggest that you now continue the intervention from the various points indicated in your second assessment. We know that progress in one component can have a positive impact on skills in other components, so your recent re-assessment will help to ensure that each learner’s profile is kept up-to-date, and reflects their current skill level.

It is possible that your learners may appear to have ‘jumped’ several levels, perhaps even in a component that you haven’t yet tackled during the individual sessions. This is not uncommon since, of course, your learners receive quality-first teaching in their mainstream lessons and – as mentioned earlier – progress in one component may also be made as a result of work carried out with a different component!

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