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29th September 2014 - Has Catch Up® Numeracy been updated for the new National Curriculum?

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We have been asked a few times this month whether we have updated Catch Up® Numeracy in line with the new National Curriculum. The answer is, in a word, 'no', and here's why:
We did review the Catch Up® Numeracy intervention when the new National Curriculum requirements from September 2014 were finalised.

As you will know, the new National Curriculum for Mathematics does change the overall age-expected level of attainment for some aspects of mathematics, eg, counting verbally. The changes, though, will not affect the basic principles or practice of Catch Up® Numeracy, as an intervention for learners who are showing evidence of struggling and which is designed to be used for Year 2 pupils and older. The increases in expected attainment levels by the end of Year 1 from the new National Curriculum will actually make it more likely that more pupils will need one-to-one support using a Catch Up® Numeracy type intervention.

But the overriding principles for Catch Up® Numeracy will remain the same. As you will know from your own experience, it is important to identify where a pupil is up to with the various aspects of numeracy, with the Catch Up® Numeracy assessments for learning still being applicable. The resulting profile of need then provides the starting point for the individual sessions based on a pupil’s needs and with the overall target being to achieve the age-appropriate level for the pupil.

With regard to age-appropriate levels as target levels, schools in England will be able to make use of the ‘Approximately equivalent level in your setting’ column on page 57 in the Catch Up® Numeracy file, to identify age-appropriate levels. From our trials with this, it is very likely that Catch Up® Numeracy level 9 will become the minimum overall target level for Year 2 pupils.

Although the National Curriculum levels have now ceased to exist, we will continue to include the ‘Approximately equivalent National Curriculum Level (as used in England)’ column, since many schools will still be doing some of their planning and recording with the old levels in mind during the early implementation of the new National Curriculum.

We hope this helps but if you have concerns please do not hesitate to email or call us on 01842 752297 with any questions.

Graham Sigley
Deputy Director
Catch Up®

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