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On our blog you can read latest news about Catch Up®, training and events, as well as useful articles about helping struggling learners with literacy and numeracy.

24th March 2023 - The Catch Up® website and IE11

The Catch Up® website and IE11

From the 3rd April 2023, the Catch Up® website will no longer support the internet browser IE11 (Internet Explorer 11). After this date the browser will show just a white screen.

What do you need to do?
If you are still using IE11, you will need to use an alternative browser such as Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you are not able to install software on your own machine, please contact your IT department.

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22nd March 2023 - Refreshed Catch Up® Numeracy Resources

We’re pleased to inform you that all of the Catch Up® Numeracy resources, related to place value, have been refreshed to match the increasing use of the terminology ‘hundreds, tens and ones’ (rather than ‘units’).

We understand that these terms are still often used interchangeably, but following feedback from the Catch Up® Community, we have been able to refresh the resources to show the more commonly used term of ‘ones’.

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21st March 2023 - Are you using the Catch Up® Progress Reporting Tool yet?


Are you using the Catch Up® Progress Reporting Tool yet?

The Catch Up® Progress Reporting Tool allows you to enter assessment, test and session data for any of your pupils receiving a Catch Up® intervention. A nominated Catch Up® Coordinator at your school can then use it to produce pupil and group reports showing progress made.

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20th March 2023 - Getting the best from the Catch Up® interventions – part 2

Using the Catch Up® support tools: frequently asked questions

1. Who is the right member of staff to take on the Catch Up® Coordinator role?

Any staff member can take on this role but we recommend it is a senior member of staff or member of the senior team. They will be more likely to be involved in meetings about things like timetabling or allocation of rooms and they can then champion Catch Up® from within those meetings. They can also make sure you have what you need to run the sessions. Our experience has shown that the interventions are more effective when senior management are behind them.

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15th March 2023 - Summer Term training dates now available


Dates for our Summer Term online training courses have now been released to our website.

We have listened to feedback from teachers and support staff who have attended our online training, who wanted:

  • Afternoon sessions

  • Training over non-consecutive days

Both of these options can be found in our list of Summer Term courses, along with our regular morning training sessions. For more details, please visit the 'Find training' page on our website.

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