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On our blog you can read latest news about Catch Up®, training and events, as well as useful articles about helping struggling learners with literacy and numeracy.

14th November 2023 - Is Catch Up® suitable for Learners with SEND or ALN?

A question we are often asked!

When considering this, it is first of all important to understand what is meant by these terms. SEND (Special Educational Need and Disability) is an extremely broad ranging term encompassing a vast array of needs. In England, the government's SEND code of practice highlights four broad areas of SEND needs:

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13th November 2023 - What should I do if a pupil adds extra words when reading?

The following question came up on Catch Up® Literacy training: What should I do if a pupil adds extra words when reading?

Do you have pupils who do that? It’s almost as if the printed words are just a hint about what should be read! These pupils often add in extra words or change the order of the words. If we can pinpoint why they are doing it, then we can help them to kick the habit.

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10th November 2023 - Looking at addition (and apparatus!)

Another from our lovely Lynne, with more of her numeracy logic.

Overheard in a playground recently, “Maths is sooo hard. Yesterday teacher told me that four and one is five, but today she told me that five is three and two. I’m sooo confused." Ooops! Just shows how the little dears can develop misconceptions at a very early age. This wouldn’t have happened so easily supported with apparatus. So, before we focus on addition calculations, I want to emphasise the need to use all of the Catch Up® Numeracy ‘Translation’ subcomponents. Representing numbers (‘five’, for one little dear) or processes, concretely, orally and symbolically, and going between these in different directions, will help develop full understanding. Some tips on this aspect first:

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21st September 2023 - Is Catch Up® suitable for EAL Learners?

This question is often raised in our Catch Up® training sessions, and is an interesting one to answer! As with all learners, the individual circumstances are key.

Let’s first consider the learners we are thinking about.

EAL (English as an Additional Language) students are those that are learning English, but already speak one or more other languages, although not necessarily fluently. They may well need support to understand and use the language of the curriculum. When asked whether the Catch Up® Literacy and Numeracy interventions are appropriate for use with EAL learners, the answer is yes – for many reasons.

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18th September 2023 - Renew your access to the Progress Reporting Tool

To ensure that we meet Data Protection requirements, we ask that all schools who wish to use the Catch Up® Progress Reporting Tool (PRT) re-nominate/nominate a Catch Up® Coordinator every autumn.

This process will begin on the 29th September 2023 - when Headteachers will be sent an email asking them to re-nominate/nominate a Catch Up® Coordinator in their school.

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