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On our blog you can read latest news about Catch Up®, training and events, as well as useful articles about helping struggling learners with literacy and numeracy.

18th June 2018 - Lynne’s logic – The Catch Up®Numeracy process (contd)

Numeracy file

Welcome back to the final instalment of my close look at the whole Catch Up® Numeracy process, and the 4 stages that form it.

Stage 4 - Ongoing monitoring - is not only the responsibility of the deliverer on a session-by-session basis, there also needs to be monitoring of the intervention on a school basis by the coordinator and the school’s management team. At this school level, this could also include selection of new learners to take part in the intervention.

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15th June 2018 - June discount for Autumn Term training

Training list

If you want to have more members of staff trained to deliver a Catch Up® intervention, now is a great time to book training for next term. For the month of June 2018, we are running an ‘early bird discount’ for Autumn Term training!

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11th June 2018 - Voucher winner!

Congratulations to our most recent voucher winner, whose name was drawn from those who completed our Spring Term RTC survey. Our lucky winner came from Birmingham and received a £20 Marks and Spencer voucher.

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4th June 2018 - Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Catch Up® is committed to maintaining the highest standards of best practice, so we have undertaken all the necessary work to ensure that Catch Up® is GDPR compliant.

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26th April 2018 - Supporting struggling learners in both Primary and Secondary Schools

Catch Up

Now that the Summer Term is well and truly underway, many of our thoughts are concentrated not just on SATs, but also on those learners who will soon be leaving the familiar surroundings of their Primary school, to begin the next chapter of their education in the much more unfamiliar – and often bewildering – setting of Secondary school!

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