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14th January 2019 - Training round-up, Autumn Term 2018

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Now we have recharged our batteries over the Christmas break, it seems the ideal time to reflect on the great success of our training courses that took place during the Autumn term. We delivered more than 50 ‘Delivering Catch Up®’ training courses (including an online course in Australia!), welcoming over 700 attendees to the Catch Up® Community. In addition to this, we have been really pleased, once again, to deliver our popular Catch Up® information session webinars!

Our Accredited Trainers received a very warm welcome at our Regional Training Centres during the Autumn term, as well as several schools and other venues across the UK. Our trainers travelled far and wide, with courses taking place in Bedfordshire, Merseyside, Bristol, Milton Keynes, Durham, Nottingham, South Yorkshire, London, Somerset, Reading, Manchester, Norfolk, South Wales, Essex, Telford, West Yorkshire, Birmingham, Eastleigh, Peterborough, Suffolk and many parts of Scotland!

One of our Accredited Trainers, Lynne Startin, enjoyed delivering both Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy courses last term. Colleagues from primary, secondary and special needs settings attended, holding many different roles within their schools. Lynne told us, ‘It has been wonderful to meet such highly skilled staff, who were very enthusiastic about both Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy. Many of the attendees completed Session 3 by saying how much they were looking forward to getting back to school, so they could begin the intervention.’

Lynne went on to tell us about some common feedback she has received regarding the assessments for learning. ‘Many trainees comment on the value of the Catch Up® assessments, the ease of the delivery and the thoroughness of the information they provide, which will then inform the individual sessions. Results from these assessments have often been an eye-opener for staff, with some learners achieving far more than expected, whilst for others, huge gaps in their learning were revealed.’ She went on to share an example of a surprising result. ‘In the Catch Up® Literacy assessments, some learners can think in unexpected ways. For example, one trainee reported that their learner had given a soft ‘g’ as in ‘giraffe’ during the phonic knowledge assessment, where most learners provide the hard sound. We should always expect the unexpected!’

Across all of our courses, the average trainee response to ‘How would you rate the training course overall?’ was 4.6 (with 1 being ‘poor’ and 5 being ‘excellent’). We received extremely positive feedback, and some great suggestions of how we can make things even better! We really value the views of our Catch Up® Community as we know our aims are the same – to make a real difference for our struggling learners.

We were really pleased to receive these positive comments over the Autumn term:

‘Inspiring – I would certainly recommend the course’

‘I enjoyed immersing myself in this new knowledge’

‘Great down-to-earth, no-nonsense delivery and content’

‘Informative, engaging and friendly’

‘I cannot wait to get started’

‘I now have a better understanding of how to help struggling learners’

‘This is such a fantastic intervention – I can already see the impact’

‘One of the best trainings I’ve ever been on’

The team are getting ready for another busy term, with courses planned right across the UK once again. There are spaces still available on courses this Spring; simply visit to find out what’s coming up soon! We look forward to seeing you there and supporting even more struggling learners.

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