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9th April 2013 - Who trains the Catch Up® Trainers?

Catch Up Blog

Socrates famously asked: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who guards the guardians?) And some of you may have been wondering - Who trains the Catch Up® Trainers? How does Catch Up® maintain its high standards of training?

All Catch Up® training is delivered by our Catch Up® Approved Trainers – all soon to be Accredited Trainers – who, to date, have trained over 18,000 people to deliver Catch Up®!

It’s pretty demanding becoming a Catch Up® Approved Trainer (CUAT). There are all the rigorous stages of induction to become a trainer and there is further regular monitoring to ensure all trainers achieve the required Open College Network (OCN)- and Ofqual-recognised accreditation. In addition, the Catch Up® Numeracy intervention fulfils the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) CPD Standard, with each CUAT (Numeracy) complying with the quality indicators.

(We can’t be doing too badly, as the Catch Up® integrated training and resource packages are in the Good CPD guide and we’ve won numerous awards for our training.)

Plus, everyone we train has a say in how they think we’re doing! Every trainee completes an evaluation after training. Those evaluations are carefully analysed and the results fed back to the trainer. So there’s no coasting once you’re wearing your CUAT badge!

CUATs come with a wealth of background experiences in teaching and consultancy. They are extremely proud to be part of Catch Up® and they have a stake in its development as they are always consulted on the fine-tuning of the Catch Up® integrated training and resource packages.

So read our trainer pages to find out more about these hard-working trainers (and be sure to read their ‘interesting facts’ – very revealing!).

Dee Reid, Catch Up® Consultant and Approved Trainer

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