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5th December 2016 - Accreditation Update – Autumn 2016


Wow! What a busy term Autumn 2016 has been! Our Catch Up® Accredited Trainers have been delivering courses across the whole of the UK, which – in turn – means that the Catch Up® Assessors and Moderator have been kept very busy with your accreditation submissions!

A huge ‘well done’ to everyone who has submitted evidence! The Catch Up® Accreditation Team are always extremely impressed with the high level of support that your Catch Up® learners are clearly receiving.

This term, for the ‘Delivering Catch Up’ qualification, we have received more than 130 submissions for Unit 1, 30 for Unit 2, and 21 for Unit 3. We have also received a submission for the ‘Managing Catch Up qualification’. You have kept us very busy!

We have received submissions in both English and Welsh, and it has been a pleasure to see such wonderful work going on in the Catch Up® Community! There is always evidence of terrific progress of the learners. We regularly see more than double the rate of progress cited in the Unit 3 evidence – and often more!

Many congratulations to all deliverers who have achieved their units and are awaiting their certificates. If you have achieved Unit 1 this term, don’t forget to start collecting your evidence for Unit 2! If you achieved Unit 2, why not download the accreditation pack for Unit 3 and celebrate the positive impact your work with a learner has had!

Don’t worry if you have received an email from our moderator, Clare. We understand how busy life is, working with children and young people, and that sometimes a page is missed or something is forgotten. Our aim, through Clare, is to give everyone the chance to send in additional evidence to complete their submission. We are really pleased to say that a good number of people have taken up that opportunity this term, successfully achieving their unit – well done!

We asked Clare for some ‘handy hints’ for all those considering submitting Unit 1 of the ‘Delivering Catch Up®’ qualification. She told us, “The best first hint I can give is to download a copy of the Unit 1 pack, and carefully check each page for what you need to submit. There are four sections, or ‘assignments’, that need to be submitted. Double-check you have correctly completed the assessments for learning and transferred the information accurately to the relevant paperwork. Then check that the individual session record sheet is fully complete. It is sometimes difficult to see the adult model in either the linked writing or linked recording, so try to make this very clear. We look forward to receiving your submissions!”

Look out for next month’s piece on accreditation, which will give you the big picture on the Catch Up® qualifications and what’s involved in achieving one!

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