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30th March 2017 - Meet the Trainer! – Pauline Chater

Pauline Chater

At Catch Up®, we are extremely proud to have such a fantastic team of Accredited Trainers delivering courses every term.

Pauline Chater has been a very valued member of the team since 2006, working first as a trainer for Catch Up® Literacy and now for Catch Up® Numeracy too!

She began her very successful career in Canada! On her return to the UK, Pauline worked as an English teacher in secondary schools in Bristol, Burton-on-Trent and Cardiff, moving to Nottinghamshire as a Head of English. She then became a SENCo, growing her passion for supporting struggling learners. Pauline went on to become a Dyslexia teacher and work for Nottingham University as a teacher trainer in the PGCE department there. A very impressive CV indeed, and we feel very lucky that she added ‘Catch Up® Accredited Trainer’ to the list!

Pauline is based in Nottinghamshire, but travels all over the UK on behalf of Catch Up®! She regularly delivers the training courses at our Nottingham-based Regional Training Centre, and enjoys meeting attendees from her local area. She has also been packing her suitcase, however, and has travelled to Durham, Plymouth, Peterborough and Northamptonshire for us over the last few months! She fits all this around her very busy life with her husband, two children and five grandchildren, but feels 'wonderfully supported by the whole Catch Up® team’.

Pauline loves being a Catch Up® Accredited Trainer and told us, “It is a joy to work with trainees who are so committed to helping children to improve their Numeracy and Literacy skills.” She explained her passion for the Catch Up® interventions and how they support struggling learners, adding, “They make a difference to the learners’ life choices!”

She is always very impressed by the enthusiasm she witnesses in the training room. She said, “It is always a high point of the role to hear how excited school staff feel about implementing the interventions.” Pauline describes her greatest Catch Up® successes as, “Giving the people I train the confidence and enthusiasm to deliver the interventions. Also, finding my way, by car, to many different venues and arriving on time!”

She has many memories to share about life as a Catch Up® trainer, most of them very inspiring. However, she did mention one interesting situation… “I remember once being directed to a broom cupboard as my base to deliver the Catch Up® training.” Our trainers are very versatile indeed!

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