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12th September 2013 - Catch Up® Literacy and Digital Games in Denbighshire

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Pupil B is the youngest of three children. As part of Catch Up® Literacy, Pupil B has access to the Digital Games in school and at home; the Digital Games are used regularly to complement her learning.

During her time on the intervention, she received 41 Catch Up® sessions and made 22 months' gain in her Reading Age, a ratio gain of 2.75. She progressed through four Catch Up® levels.

In addition, she made significant progress in decoding/blending, comprehension, spelling and handwriting. Her confidence and motivational levels have increased. To ensure attainment is sustained, the school has created several opportunities for Pupil B to continue to access the Digital Games during the week.

When asked about her time on Catch Up®, Pupil B stated, “I have enjoyed Catch Up® because I am a better, quicker reader now and really happy to read in class. I like it because I get to choose interesting books.”

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