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7th November 2017 - 3 is the magic number!

3 trainees

“It brings a buzz of excitement to the training room!”

Catch Up® has always advised that when starting out with either of the interventions, you have a minimum of three people trained in order to aid effective implementation in your school and success of the intervention. The three are made up of two people who will deliver the intervention (typically teaching assistants), and one person who will manage the intervention, the Catch Up® Coordinator. (You can read more about the Catch Up® Coordinator role here.)

We recently launched our Starter Bundle to help schools getting started with Catch Up® to get their ideal Catch Up® team in place, and, since then, we have seen lots more schools sending three members of staff to be trained together. As well as the benefit this has when implementing the intervention in school, our Catch Up® Accredited Trainers have been pleased to report the positive impact this has in the training room as well!

Catch Up® Accredited Trainer Alison Haines, told us, “I've found recently that groups of trainees from a school are now coming on training together – the Coordinator plus the two TAs who will be delivering – and because they can talk about how it will work in their school together, it brings a buzz of excitement to the training room. They support one another in the training, bounce ideas off one another and immediately feel part of a team. I feel confident that they will be able to go back to school, get it up and running and sustain it, because it will be well managed and the TAs will be supported. They also find the boxes of resources that are included a real bonus and they know that they have a core resource of equipment or books to get them going, which straightaway makes them feel they can do it!”

We know it's the best model for training but, recently, the constraints of budgets had made it happen less and less, and we were seeing more lone trainees attending, or a couple of trainees but no coordinator. We hope that the bundle offers have enabled schools to go back to best practice, which will give them the best possible start and, ultimately, enable them to help more struggling learners!

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