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26th April 2018 - Supporting struggling learners in both Primary and Secondary Schools

Catch Up

Now that the Summer Term is well and truly underway, many of our thoughts are concentrated not just on SATs, but also on those learners who will soon be leaving the familiar surroundings of their Primary school, to begin the next chapter of their education in the much more unfamiliar – and often bewildering – setting of Secondary school!

Whether you are reading this from a Primary or Secondary perspective, we wanted to remind you how the Catch Up® interventions can really help your learners as they continue on their exciting educational journey!

Everyone wants to put in place the best possible support for their struggling learners, and the Catch Up® interventions can play an important role in providing that support. Back in 2016, we produced two blogs that outlined how Catch Up® can help learners in both Primary and Secondary schools – and also help them make the transition from one to the other. We thought you might find it useful to revisit that information now, so have included the two links for you here:

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