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8th April 2015 - Catch Up® scores at the Emirates


26th March saw Catch Up® at the Emirates Stadium hosting the ‘Interventions with Impact’ conference. Over 150 delegates had an action-packed day with plenty to cheer about.

There were:

4 Keynote sessions giving delegates the latest research evidence
9 streamed sessions delivered by practitioners facing the challenges of improving the opportunities for struggling learners
7 Roundtable talks led by a range of facilitators who invited attendees to share challenges and solutions

A good conference should do 3 things:

  1. Confirm that you are already doing lots of things really well.

  2. Provide you with neat solutions to tweak your existing practice efficiently and inexpensively.

  3. Challenge some of your core thinking about what really improves learning.

The Catch Up® Conference did all of the above!

The first half kicked off with Professor Bette Chambers (Director of the Institute for Effective Education at the University of York) who gave delegates the latest evidence behind effective interventions.

This was swiftly followed by Jean Gross CBE who had really useful insights into successful and less successful uses of Pupil Premium. On the winning side were things like targeting data from interventions forensically and putting pupils in the driving seat.

Possibly the session which most challenged conventional wisdom about what works in the classroom was delivered by Professor Robert Coe from Durham University. He asked delegates to say whether they thought the following statements are True or False:
  • Reducing class size is one of the most effective ways to increase learning

  • Differentiation and ‘personalised learning’ resources maximise learning

  • Generous praise encourages learners and helps them persist with hard tasks

  • Technology supports learning by engaging and motivating learners

  • The best way to raise attainment is to enhance motivation and interest

(Guess what??? They’re all False! Now you know why delegates said the Conference was ‘thought-provoking’.)

Here are some more comments from delegates about the day…
'Some useful information & ideas to have impact back at school both short term & long term.'

'Great variety between high quality key note speakers and experienced professionals.'

'An excellent thought provoking day that will definitely make a difference to what will happen in our school.'

'Inspiring & thought provoking, useful & practical information to take back to school.'

'Very well organised event in a fantastic venue. Many thought provoking topics to encourage challenging conversations back at school.'

'Excellent - more of our staff should have attended.'

'Incredibly informative as I have lots of ideas & research papers to take away, read & implement.'

'Thought provoking course, essential for schools when considering different intervention strategies.'

'Excellent opportunity for hearing info on current educational thoughts. Excellent for providing ideas that can be used back at base!'

Many thanks again to everyone who was part of such a brilliant day!

Dee Reid, Consultant and Co-creator of Catch Up®

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