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8th December 2017 - Training round-up, Autumn Term 2017

Catch Up training

As we approach the end of Autumn 2017, the Catch Up® team are looking forward to a well-earned rest after yet another very busy term! We have delivered more than 80 ‘Delivering Catch Up®’ training courses, welcoming over 900 attendees to the Catch Up Community! In addition to this, we have been really pleased to deliver our additional training sessions including ‘Review and Refresh’, ‘In-depth workshops’ and the Coordinator network meetings!

Our Accredited Trainers once again visited some of our fantastic Regional Training Centres, and found a warm welcome at a number of schools and other venues across the UK! Courses took place in London, Havering, Liverpool, Plymouth, Exeter, Bournemouth, Bristol, Essex, Durham, Hull, South Wales, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Merseyside, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Manchester, Leeds, Surrey, Nottinghamshire, Powys, Gateshead, Swansea, Norfolk, North Wales, Staffordshire, Cumbria, Dublin, Belfast and many parts of Scotland! We haven’t stopped there this term! Our Catch Up® team have also been busy delivering training in Australia as well! Phew – we definitely need to put the kettle on!

One of our Accredited Trainers, Jenny Sawyer, has enjoyed delivering Catch Up® Literacy courses this term. Jenny told us, “Training this term has taken me from Dundee in Scotland to Milton Keynes in the south, where Catch Up® has been enthusiastically received by all. Trainees have included Headteachers, Deputy Heads, Senior Managers, SENCOs, teachers and classroom assistants, from both small and large primary and secondary schools.”

She continued, “Trainees have left feeling excited and eager to start, with a visible confidence, knowing that the interventions can make a positive difference to their learners. For me, as a trainer, the course is fun to deliver, being interactive, reflective and informative. I have found that attendees are always pleasantly surprised at how much support Catch Up® offers after their training too! The additional sessions, the Catch Up® Community, regular blogs and updates, video support for the management of the interventions, digital games and other resources such as the Progress Reporting Tool, are all seen as such a wonderful bonus which will help make the embedding of the interventions much more manageable.”

Jenny also told us of some fantastic comments she received from her training courses this term. They included, ‘This training has been one of the best courses I have attended in my 18 years of teaching’, and ‘the SENCo role is becoming larger and broader; having the Catch Up® monitoring tools to hand is a godsend!’

These responses are echoed through the feedback we receive directly from other course attendees as well. Across all of our courses, the average trainee response to ‘How would you rate the training course overall?’ was 4.6 (with 1 being ‘poor’ and 5 being ‘excellent’)!

We were really pleased to receive these very positive comments over the Autumn term:

‘Can’t wait to get started and see the impact!’

‘The training was very clear and easy to understand’

‘First Class!’

‘Very knowledgeable and approachable trainers’

‘The interventions are straightforward to deliver’

‘I feel inspired to have the confidence to make a difference with Catch Up®!’

‘Thorough training and well resourced’

‘I feel very well supported by Catch Up®


Our trainers are now getting ready for their festive break, but are very much looking forward to meeting more of you in the Spring term!

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