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2nd March 2017 - More than 15 minutes?

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The pupils I run Catch Up® Literacy sessions with need additional time to settle. Is it okay to take longer on the sessions and would you recommend delivering any additional phonic sessions within the Catch Up® session?

Some pupils find it hard to settle to the discipline of the 15-minute session, but we would advise that you strive to train them to be ready to work as quickly as possible. Many of these pupils are very adept at diverting us from the task in hand and it’s a case of being firm and consistent!

We recommend that you stick to the 15-minute session, but use your timer so that if time runs out, you can say, ‘Oh dear! We didn’t manage to fit in everything we needed to do today. Let’s see if we can do better with our timings next time.’ We suggest that you then log that in the Comments box at the bottom of the individual session record sheet. That way, you are making keeping to the Catch Up® schedule a shared responsibility between you and the pupil.

It’s worth remembering that every time you give longer to one pupil, it is hinting to them that the sessions are not urgent or paced, and they will try to waste more time! Also, more time spent with any one pupil might restrict the overall number of pupils you can work with on Catch Up®.

If your Catch Up® assessments indicated a particular weakness in phonics, then we would advise additional small group work on specific phonic steps, rather than altering the sequence of learning within a Catch Up® session.

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