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18th February 2016 - 4 top tips and 3 lovely quotes! From our Birmingham schools….

Catch Up top tips

Two of our Catch Up® schools in Birmingham recently presented their successes and experiences implementing Catch Up® Literacy and Numeracy in their schools. These are just some of their top tips:

  1. We found it most effective when our TAs worked with children in their year group so they were able to easily link sessions with what the children were doing in their lessons.

  2. Make a Catch Up® area in school, and put up key vocabulary posters around the school to help as reminders.

  3. Share the numeracy learner profile with the child and let them choose what they do next – it’s really motivating to give them ownership, so they come saying 'I've chosen to look at this area next' and they really want to do it because they chose it.

  4. The interventions are most effective when they are managed properly and, ideally, the person who is managing the intervention comes along to the training.
The teachers and teaching assistants also had some lovely things to say about their experiences using the interventions with pupils – here are some quotes from the day:

“What’s great is you are only pulling them out for 15 minutes so they’re not out all the time, and if they are absent, you can easily grab them another time.”

“If you’ve got a question you look in the book [the Catch Up® resource file] and the answer is in there!”

“I asked him was there anything he had learnt from his sessions with me that he hadn’t learnt in class and he came out with a big long list. It made my day!”

Many thanks again to the schools who presented at our ‘Implementing and sustaining high-impact literacy and numeracy interventions’ lunchtime seminar in January – thanks for sharing your top tips and stories of success with us and all of the other schools there!

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