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8th November 2016 - Training round-up Autumn Term - part 1

Training blog

During the first half of the Autumn Term 2016, we were delighted to deliver more than 60 Catch Up® training courses, welcoming almost 900 attendees to the Catch Up® Community! A very busy half term!

Our accredited trainers enjoyed visiting our Regional Training Centres, schools and other venues across the UK. Courses took place in Lanarkshire, Essex, Suffolk, Cumbria, Liverpool, Yorkshire, London, Newcastle, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Guildford, Plymouth, Sunderland, Powys, Brighton, Cheshire, South Wales, Leeds, Bournemouth, Bedfordshire and South Ayrshire!

The trainers were very pleased to welcome attendees from primary, secondary and special needs settings. They were particularly delighted to share information on the fabulous new resources to support the delivery of Catch Up® - available to download by those who have been Catch Up® trained!

Our very first Regional Training Centre, based at Peters Books and Furniture in Birmingham, once again hosted some excellent training last month. The trainer, Debbie Rowan, travels across from Wales and always feels she is in her second home, such is the welcome and level of engagement at the Birmingham training. She told us, “A range of settings from across the region attended, with trainees enjoying the opportunity to network and share experiences whilst undertaking their Catch Up® training. There were lots of ‘repeat visitors’, with schools sending additional members of staff along.”

Across all of our courses, the average trainee response to ‘How would you rate the training course overall?’ was 4.3 (with 1 being ‘poor’ and 5 being ‘excellent’)!

We always welcome feedback from the attendees, and were very pleased to receive some very positive comments over the last half term.

‘Best training I have attended in years’

‘Excellent to find an intervention that is structured and has researched outcomes’

‘Fully engaging training. I can’t wait to get started on my Catch Up® Journey’

‘A concise and well-structured intervention with excellent downloadable resources’


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