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19th September 2017 - From Catch Up® Director – Julie Lawes


Hello (and Goodbye!)

Yes, this is my first blog for Catch Up® and… it will also be my last!

Why? Because I’m retiring as Director of Catch Up® after 17 years. You might think I could have got round to writing a blog before now, but I’ve been busy working with the Catch Up® team on other tasks and I leave blog writing to my excellent blog-writing team.

So, what’s been going on at Catch Up® over the past 17 years?

Well, quite a lot actually! We…

…adapted Catch Up® Literacy into Welsh
…launched Catch Up® Numeracy
…created digital games for both interventions
…developed the integrated training and resource package, including the support for coordinators
…set up a very effective accreditation system to accompany our Catch Up® training
…created 28 Regional Training Centres
…updated our website
…developed the Catch Up® Community

I could go on, but the bottom line is that Catch Up® works. It gives schools the tools to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable learners. I’m proud to say that Catch Up® is now in nearly 5,000 schools. We have trained over 28,000 adults to deliver the interventions and they, in turn, have helped more than 500,000 pupils.

Of course, I don’t take credit for all the successes that Catch Up® has achieved. I’ve just been the person who sets things in motion. I rely on the dedication and commitment of our Catch Up® Accredited Trainers and the extremely hard-working team in the Catch Up® office. But most of all I have relied on you – our Catch Up® Trainees who deliver Catch Up® day in, day out, often in very challenging circumstances, because you care about the pupils you work with and you want them to succeed. Your hard work is the key to Catch Up® success and I want to use this blog to thank you.

And it is with great pleasure and confidence that I hand on the baton of Director of Catch Up® to Theresa Rogers. Theresa has an exciting time ahead as Catch Up® continues to evolve and to find more ways of helping you to help struggling learners.

So thank you – and goodbye!

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