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12th July 2013 - Does Catch Up® Literacy improve Reading Comprehension?

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"The more you read
the more things you will know!
The more that you learn
the more places you’ll go."
“I Can Read with my Eyes Shut’’ Dr Seuss

I am a teacher with SEN services at Bradford Council. There is a lot of evidence that Catch Up® improves reading ages but does it improve comprehension? That’s what I set out to find out in my Masters' research project.


I had two groups: 8 Looked After Children following the Catch Up® intervention (study group), and 7 children not doing Catch Up® (control group).

What I did...

I used a test of reading comprehension (Neale Analysis of Reading [NARA]) before and after Catch Up® to assess baseline and progress.

I also recorded and transcribed first and last Catch Up® sessions and compared how the children talked about what they had read and what they had understood.

Did Catch Up® make a difference?


All the study group improved their test comprehension scores. This shows they were able to apply what they had learnt through Catch Up® when reading without adult help. Only one of the control group improved their score.

The most interesting findings came from the session recordings. The study group became much better at using inference and at checking their own understanding; re-reading and correcting themselves if something didn't make sense without the adult prompting them. They began to rely less on the adult as the sessions went on and enjoyed reading much more, a very positive result!

Catherine Pass, Specialist teacher, SEN Services, Bradford

Download the full presentation from Catherine from our Catching up with Catch Up® conference.

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