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12th January 2023 - Mercers' Early Years Special Initiative Symposium


Catch Up® is presenting at the Mercers' Early Years Special Initiative Symposium today, as part of a three year action research programme to investigate if Catch Up® Literacy and Numeracy 1:1 interventions have the potential to support Reception-age learners.

Catch Up® will provide an overview of key findings so far, to share the learning and experiences as part of the Mercers' Early Years Special Initiative, and importantly to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to come together, share ideas and discuss lessons learnt that could be relevant for the early years sector as a whole.

The ‘Catch Up® Early Years Project’ Year 2 results have been positive and promising Early Years Year 2 Report for Website.pdf (

Catch Up® is still recruiting additional schools from London Boroughs to take part in the Catch Up® Early Years Project final year efficacy trial of Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy, to support Reception-age pupils during the late Spring/early Summer Terms 2023. Read more

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